About Us

Green Affiliates is the world’s leading Affiliate marketing company for the cannabis industry. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we are partnered with some of North America’s best cannabis seed companies to bring you the opportunity you have been waiting for: choose to advertise up to 6 top cannabis seed brands with just one account.

Why should you join Green Affiliates? Around the world, the tide is turning on laws and perceptions towards cannabis, its medical uses, and recreational opportunities. Now, more than ever, people are turning to home grown cannabis. Home gardeners around the globe need cannabis seeds. YOU can guide them to a reputable company that ships safely to their door – and get paid a 20% commission for doing so.

Our Green Affiliates cannabis marketing program is for everyone! You can begin right away. Sign-up is free and there are no extra fees associated. Cannabis seed affiliate marketing has one of the best rates of conversion in the business. You do not need previous affiliate marketing experience; in fact, you don’t even need experience in the cannabis sector. All you need is an online digital platform and a desire to direct online traffic to our merchants – and get PAID!


Join Green Affiliates here: https://www.greenaffiliates.com/affiliates/signup.php#SignupForm