As we enter the busy season of the holidays, it is a great time to reevaluate your marketing prospects for cannabis clientele. The holiday season is followed by the new year, where everyone wants to get in line with the right marketing and advertising methods for the best results. Let us assist you here at Green Affiliates by providing a pathway to success.

Here are just a few of the latest trends in affiliate marketing in 2021 that we are seeing. Together with Green Affiliates and a couple of new tactics inspired by these marketing agencies, you too can have the marketing results of your dreams.


YouTube is the leading marketing and advertising platform and the quintessential place to start with affiliate marketing. You only need a video camera and a theme for a video, along with some knowledge of SEO for content in the description, to get started. Here you can also rack in the dough with referrals and sponsorships, if you are able to reach the 4,000 public watch hours and 1,000 followers’ metrics within a year. It is worth setting up a channel just to represent your brand, and YouTube makes affiliate networking even simpler with in-video advertising. Make sure to connect with the right brands that you want to be affiliated with on your Featured Channels Playlist.

TikTok Goes Viral

If you are not on TikTok, what are you waiting for? This is the viral social media sensation of 2021 for every business under the sun. You are able to snatch the attention of thirsty social followers who want to get in on the action. It is a double whammy for marketing gold in that sense. However, you need to be active and have a marketing campaign strategy set up before you begin to dig into the TikTok trail of users. Spend some time scouting out top TikTok accounts to see what they have going on that makes things tick so well.

How to Make TikTok Work for Brands

Some user advice for getting on the TikTok bandwagon is to check out some of the user feeds that are most popular. See what kind of content they are putting on their TikTok feeds in order to get some idea of where your brand stands. This can be a tricky platform to work off of if you are not confident in who you are marketing to. In addition, TikTok revels in the use of video, so your blog posts and written ads are not going to be effective here. However, you can certainly link back to the websites on your TikTok profile, which will help to expand your social media reach even more—another benefit of being active on more social media platforms.

Instagram Gets Reels

Not to be left in the dark, Instagram Reels have also been booming in 2021. The third most popular social media platform by adult user standards has seen more growth this year thanks to these new social media flicks. Everyone can see your followers and friends, as well, which helps to expand your affiliate reach.

Making Instagram Reels

Most businesses have been using Instagram, so what is the difference between a regular Instagram ad or post and a Reel? With Instagram Reels, you are focused on short videos that are less than 15 seconds. It is the perfect opportunity to make a series of commercials for your company. It is recommended that you create one to two reels per week and post these routinely to get the greatest reach with your reels.

Tracking Cookies

In the world of affiliate marketing, links make all the difference. You want and need to be able to link and cross connect products across multiple channels. This is why social media is so effective, but there is another barrier. Cookies are the tracking software solutions that have been helping affiliate marketers. Yet now Google is going to end cookies by blocking all third-party tracking cookies.

Billions on Billions

Another big consideration is the amount of money that is going into affiliate marketing in 2021. According to the reporters at Data Feed Watch, we are seeing some serious spending at a tune of $12 billion. That is a lot of moola to be set aside just for affiliate marketing.

FTC Sets Smarter Affiliate Standards

The key, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in putting out smarter affiliate marketing ads is to understand that:

  • These ads include tracked data
  • Someone is going to get paid for this, and it should be you
  • You want the ad to be truthful, or you risk penalization from the FTC and Google

Here is where it pays to have someone in your corner supporting your affiliate marketing plan. You want to ensure your ads are everything that affiliate marketing needs—and nothing more. If your ads are considered by Google to be click-bait, or even worse, a black hat tactic, then you will end up at the bottom of the feedlot.

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