We facilitate partnerships between top influencers and brands in the cannabis industry. We have a screening process for adding new affiliates to our platform so you can guarantee a quality cannabis marketing experience. You simply set up your campaign, set your commissions, and let our affiliates promote your brand/products!

Our affiliates have access to a board that shows them the different campaigns that they can earn from. When an affiliate wants to promote your brand, they will be able to navigate and choose from a list of available brand banners and links that you provide, which they can then share with their audiences!

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Yes! Once your application has been approved, you have immediate access to your dashboard and can begin creating a campaign and banners for our affiliates.

From your dashboard, you will navigate to “Campaigns” on your panel and create a new campaign. During campaign creation, be sure to include any details about your brand or specific products for that campaign. You will set your commission rates. Once your campaign is set up, you will create links and banners for it. You can choose from a wide range of banners such as link banners or image banners.

You must pay within 15 days of when the invoice was sent. If payment is not made promptly, Green Affiliates may, at its option, immediately terminate the Agreement.

For all questions regarding payments, please contact our customer support team at (818)707-5395 or email [email protected]

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