Cannabis tincture is one way to consume weed in a healthier and lung-friendly method. Tinctures are a practical, discreet, and simple method to savor plant medicine. Compared to smoking or vaporizing, using tincture tends to deliver a more controlled and consistent dose that is friendlier to your lungs. In this article, we’ve prepared some easy-to-follow steps and procedures on how to make homemade tincture cannabis. But before that, let us first learn about tinctures, what they are, how they work, and the possible benefits one can get from using them.

What is Cannabis Tincture?

A tincture is a traditional mixture of active plant medicine and a high percentage alcohol that will serve as both your solvent and the tincture’s active ingredient. Due to high alcohol contents, these cannabis tinctures may smell and taste strongly like cannabis and may produce a tolerable burning sensation on the tongue. These mixtures usually come in bottles with droppers as their primary method for consumption. Similar to how cannabis oils are extracted, terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD are extracted from the rest of the plant materials in tinctures. The droppers in cannabis tincture are advantageous for precise dosing.

A cannabis tincture looks like a dark green liquid that comes in small bottles with droppers or spray heads attached to it and can be taken either orally, sublingually, or mixed with any type of food you want. All tinctures, however, produce the fastest effects compared to cannabis edibles, although results may vary slightly depending on how the host prefers to introduce the mixture to the system. This enables the host to determine almost immediately whether or not the tincture was effective or if a higher dose is needed to completely enjoy the benefits of cannabis tincture.

Cannabis Tincture Recipe Made Easy

Cannabis tinctures are relatively cheap and easy to make at home. The traditional warm method, however, may require a month to make; hence, our advice is to try the cold way first because it requires the least amount of wait time and effort, given that it doesn’t need you to do any cooking. Here’s how to do it:
Break your cannabis into smaller pieces and put it in a glass or a jar. You can make as much cannabis as you wish to strain your tincture. Remember to use only dry buds since moist cannabis doesn’t usually result in flavorful tinctures.

The following step is to add alcohol until the cannabis is fully covered. You can use any high-potency alcohol that you prefer. The recommended ratio is one gram per ounce of alcohol solvent. However, there is no specific requirement for a weed-to-alcohol ratio. You just have to ensure that your cannabis is completely covered with alcohol, and you’re good to go.

After combining all the ingredients in a jar, secure the lid, give it a few shakes and keep the mixture in the freezer for up to five days. Keep in mind that the alcohol won’t freeze during this process since it has a significantly lower freezing point than water.

Take the jar out of the freezer and shake it vigorously once or twice daily for five days. Watch until the plant matter starts to gradually dissolve as the days passed.

Once done, simply pour your mixture into a bowl through a cheesecloth, strainer, or silk screen. You can now pour the remaining solid plant material and transfer the liquid tincture into one or two dropper bottles, depending on how much tincture mixture you’ve prepared. You can now take some drops and enjoy your homemade cannabis tincture. It really is that easy!

Is It Safe?

If this is your first time to try cannabis tincture, then it is recommended that you start low and slow through the process. You can start with a few amounts of drops and then gradually add more until you achieve your desired outcome. The most frequent way to administer marijuana tincture is orally using a medical dropper or pump spray. Depending on the potency of the solution, a typical dosage is about 2-3 drops or 1-2 sprays, with an intoxication time of 2-4 hours, potentially longer. Tinctures can also be added in a wide array of dishes and beverages including ice creams, sauces, soups, juices, and salad dressings among others. Regardless of the method used, all tinctures are capable of delivering the same potential therapeutic advantage that it purports to offer.

Best Cannabis Strains to Use for Cannabis Tincture

The best strain to use for your cannabis tincture recipe depends on what effects you expect or prefer to get from the mixture. You can also combine strains to achieve the effects that you want from your tincture. If your goal is to produce a therapeutic tincture, then the strain you should opt to use is the one with a well-balanced THC-to-CBD ratio. If used primarily for daytime relief with less euphoric effects, you can choose a CBD-dominant cannabis strain.

Just remember to let your tincture drops absorb for about 30 seconds under your tongue to achieve a good body high for about 15 minutes or longer.

What are The Benefits of Cannabis Tincture?

THC tinctures produce similar effects as the traditional form of weed edibles (brownies or gummies). However, effects are said to work much faster when induced through a tincture than the latter. As a matter of fact, if consumed or taken in adequate doses, tinctures may be able to deliver their effects within a few seconds after inhaling them. This is made possible by the sublingual tissue that enables the cannabis’ active compounds to enter the bloodstream without needing to pass through the digestive system.

Cannabis tinctures are also said to ease arthritis pain by applying it as a compress or topical mixture to the sore joint or muscle. Although effective, this method may result in an unwanted green-like stain on the portion of the skin where the tincture cannabis has been applied.

Cannabis Tincture Recipe: Some Takeaways

Today, most attention goes to the ever-expanding market for cannabis concentrates (e.g., cannabis edibles). However, during the past few years, interest in alternative kinds of consumption has increased, therefore making cannabis tincture relatively common and accessible to almost every medical cannabis drug store in the nation.

Cannabis tinctures offer a great, covert way to absorb the drug. Regarding the onset and durability of effects, tinctures are often considered the ideal middle ground between smoking and edible forms of the drug. You can manufacture your cannabis tincture at home with a few simple supplies and ingredients. However, it’s wise to speak with a doctor before starting a cannabis tincture regimen or looking into additional cannabis products.

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